Saturday, April 16, 2011

My swivel sweeper!

If any of you have ever been over to my house you know how much I LOVE my swivel sweeper! It is the best sweeper I have ever had! On an average day I use my sweeper about six times! This is not joke. I cannot stand walking on a dirty floor with all the crumbs sticking to your feet. With the amount of eating my kids do, their are many crumbs at all times. Sure I could have them eat at the table with their snacks, but that is a battle I just don't want to fight. And if their were no crumbs on the floor then I would not be able to use my sweeper!

The obsession with the swivel sweeper has not fallen far from the tree! My kids enjoy it just as much as I do! They also have enjoyed it so much that I have had to replace it twice. Once because Landon decided that banging it agents the door would be exciting. Then Annaliese thought that it would be best used as a slide, witch then broke in half...yeah im still not sure how she decided this was a good idea! So now I have my sweeper and the kids have their own. When they make a mess the first thing they do is run to their sweeper and say "ill get it". Its so funny to see them be so excited to clean a mess.

Well today we went to go get donuts from LaMar's  (witch are so good). Landon gets his own bag of donuts holes and Annaliese gets a donut with sprinkles. While eating their donuts not at the table, im guessing one of them made a mess because Landon runs out of their room to get the sweeper. He goes back to the room and I assume cleaned up the mess. Then all of the sudden we hear a loud "im hurt" scream from Annaliese. Jared runs to see what the commotion is about. When he walked in to the room I was expecting an oh no what have you done sound, but no i heard him laughing. I immediately knew what had happened!

Landon thought it would be a good idea to clean Annaliese up! Starting from the top! Her hair was stuck in the sweeper! Landon had let go of the sweeper witch was puller her hair, while the sweeper was tangling up her hair. Our first thought as parents should be oh no let me help you, but in this situation our first thought was to grab the camera. We did turn the sweeper off first so that her hair was not being pulled! She was not to happy that I was taking a picture of her while in distress, but she will thank me later!

Landon and Jared trying to help Annaliese get untangled!


  1. Oh my poor pretty girl. It is funny, but my head hurts looking at it.