Friday, April 29, 2011

I Love a Party!

As a child I had two birthday party's. My first was at Chucke Cheese and then the other was thrown for me at the age of 16 by my family and church. I had always wished I had more birthday party memories. So when I became a Mom I decided that my kids would ALWAYS have a party! Some may say I get a "little" carried away. To me I don't see how you can get carried away celebrating the day a blessing was born! I love to watch my kiddos have  fun with their friends. I also love to see the reactions they have when they see their cake. I do not do store bought cakes. I enjoy coming up with the idea for the cakes and decorating them. I normally have a helper. My mom or a good friend Bobby. They enjoy the cake making just as much as I do! Here is just a few ideas of what we have done for each birthday my children have celebrated!

Annaliese Turned 1 with a Higgly Town Hero birthday party!

Annaliese was rocking to the Doodlebops turning Two!

A Tea Party with Strawberry Shortcake for her Third Birthday!

 Landon's Turning One in the Jungle

Annaliese turned 4 with a Color Party


Landon's 2nd Rocking Party

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