Monday, April 25, 2011

Celabrations and More!

Arcade Fire at Starlight Theater

This week has been an exciting week for Jared and I. On Wednesday night we went to go see Arcade Fire at the Starlight Theater. The band is one of Jared's favorite bands! They have many band members and play some very interesting instruments! It sounded amazing outside at the Starlight Theater! We had a great time! Just one more thing to scratch off of Jared's bucket list!

Anniversary Night
 Saturday, April 23 was our six year anniversary! We had planed to get all dressed up and have a date. The person that was suppose to watch the kids got hurt the night before so we had to improvise. I decided to crate our restaurant feel at home! We grilled stakes and asparagus together while eating our salad and bread! We had a great time and it was just what we needed. With all that we have gone through the past year and feeling so distant for years. We felt that this anniversary was more like what our first anniversary should have been like! Also,the food was so yummy!

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was not what I had expected. The morning was just crazy cause I had to make food and get us all dressed because Jared was doing sound for the service. Landon was not cooperating, getting into everything and like always I was running late! At church I was not able to enjoy the worship service or the message so I was pretty sad about that! I did enjoy talking with Bobby in the nursery, so that was a plus. Also, had a good potluck lunch talking with more great friends. While driving home I was able to hear some up lifting  music on the radio. It helped me to stop ,and reflect on what Easter is really about! 
After we all had naps we went to Oma and Opa's (Jared's Grandparents) to celebrate the resurrection or our Savior! We had great food, great company and the kids loved finding Easter eggs. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful family. Blessed to have a Father that loves us so much He gave His Son to die for us and rise again.What a day that will be when He calls us home!

 My little Princess

 Such a cheese

 Love these little blessings with all my heart

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